Entry #1

Hello friends

2010-06-27 16:09:26 by TenzenH

Hi guys.

I am very excited to be part of a community as large as Newgrounds. I hope to make many friends here.

I'm currently working on HENTAI COMMISSIONS. You can contact me my email:


See you ...=)


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2010-06-27 20:29:55

hot beans


2010-06-30 11:03:18

Nice dude your on hot road, lol why bursting all this art's in one time


2010-07-01 09:14:24

you're talented about this!

keep going bro :)


2010-07-03 08:28:59

If you keep all this art submissions up, i might just cum.


2010-07-05 06:00:23

u make the best pics ive ever seen and if u want a friend i`ll be your friend


2010-07-27 22:21:36

I just found this AMAZING new hentai site, all the downloads are FREE and it contains a bunch of exclusive pictures and movies no other site has! It's called http://hentshare.com and if I were you I would download as much as I could before they start making you have to pay!


2010-08-03 03:45:14

Dude you are badass if your art is any indication.